Love Letters from your messy artsy friend Em....

Hiya girl, thanks for coming along!

I've been missing my blog lately, and I thought it would be fun to get back to writing.
It would help me do things like announce things like NEW COLLECTIONS or MY NEW CAMPERVAN (just kidding , I don't have one of those YET).

I'm offering you a monthly love letter.
Nothing too spammy, I promise.
What to expect: 
  1. musings on the messiness of creativity
  2. some bits on motherhood
  4. I'll throw in a photo or two of Jim Morrison, just to make you laugh.
Oh, I almost forgot... Art stuff! self-promotion (barf), invites to events, previews of new collections and all the insider scoop!

CAUTION: emails may cause feelings of FUCK YEAH and OH HELLS NO... 
Oh and the warm and fuzzies. 
xo Em

I make art everyday, for everyday people
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